Wild Blueberry 1000mg CBD in MCT Oil


Flavor: Blueberry. Each bottle contains 500mg of CBD, a cannabis compound that won’t make you feel ‘high’
• Raw, Organic, Gluten-free, Non-GMO, Vegan with NO refined sugar and ZERO THC.
• For people looking for CBD without having to smoke or procure Marijuana. 2 oz / 60ml per one bottle order. Promotes feelings of calm and well-being with just a few drops!
• Independently tested and verified by 3rd party labs, to ensure purity and quality.
• Our zero-THC healing CBD oil is perfect for people looking to benefit from the properties of hemp, but won’t make you ‘high’.

  • MCT Oil
  • Phytocannabinoid Rich Hemp Oil
  • Natural Blueberry Flavor

Place 1-2 droppers full of our CBD liquid under your tongue. Hold for 60 seconds - since CBD absorbs more quickly through the tongue instead of going through the digestive system. This can be repeated as often as necessary. Start with a single dose and increase to achieve desired effects. 

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