Place 1 dropper full of our CBD liquid under your tongue and hold for 60 seconds. CBD absorbs more quickly through the tongue instead of going through the digestive system. This can be repeated as often as necessary. We recommend to start with a single dose and waiting an hour before taking more. With CBD, since you’re not ‘high’, it’s more about what you DON’T feel: stress, anxiety, and pain gently fade away.


We ship to anywhere in the United States, including AK, HI, PR. Unfortunately, due to customs restrictions, we cannot export our products outside the US at this time.

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In general, our CBD formula with 0% THC should not trigger a false positive on a drug test. Drug testing is looking for THC and our formulas contains zero THC. That being said, we cannot guarantee that our full spectrum hemp product will not show a false positive, as different lab tests and lab quality widely vary by company and state. If you are concerned, you may want to discuss this product with your employer in advance of any drug tests. Here is some more research to help you make a decision regarding CBD and drug tests:

Vice: We Looked Into Whether CBD Would Show Up in a Drug Test

Quest Diagnostics on Cannabidiol


There are a few reasons our CBD may drops taste bitter to some people. First, we have recently introduced a new manufacturing process which maintains more of the natural terpenes found in hemp. These natural flavor and smell compounds are thought to enhance the effects of CBD in the body. Unfortunately, theses terpenes can register as a burned toast or bitter taste to some people.

Second, our CBD is more concentrated, containing 250mg in only 15ml, so the hemp flavor comes across as stronger than other formulas, which may have 250mg diluted in 1oz or 2oz of carrier oils.

Lastly, we never add any artificial flavors or sweeteners to our products. This is what makes us a natural choice for anyone interested in a healthy lifestyle, or those who maintain a paleo or gluten-free diet.


We recommend starting with one dropperful to start with, and note your personal reaction to CBD during the next few hours following, especially if this is your first time trying CBD.

For more information regarding dosing, here is the link to a crowd-sourced dosing chart:

This link is provided for informational purposes and does not imply our endorsement of the content.


This product is formulated to be taken by mouth and we do not recommend it for vaping.


Yes, this product can be given to pets.


No – our products are all derived from strains of industrial hemp i.e. hemp that is grown legally in the United States under the 2014 Farm Bill (and re-affirmed under the 2018 Farm Bill). This type of hemp has long been used in rope, textiles, and oil pressed from the seeds of the plant. Although it is a plant similar to Marijuana, the strains of hemp grown for industry contain little to no THC (the psychoactive component that makes you feel “high”). And for our purposes, we refine the oil to further remove all traces of THC, while retaining CBD, CBG, CBN, and other beneficial compounds found naturally in hemp.

Marijuana remains illegal at the federal level, although some states permit it under certain conditions.


Our product is a broad spectrum hemp oil, a natural product which means it contains not just CBD, but also CBG, CBN, and other beneficial terpenes found in hemp. When all of those components are together, they often produce a better effect in the body, known as the “entourage effect”. Isolate is usually 99% pure CBD and does not have an entourage effect.


Yes! All of our tinctures are certified Kosher and Halal, by these certifying bodies:


Islamic Services of America